Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm

Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm - Liquidsands

Glass Water Bottle CLASSIC Storm


Make the ultimate statement with our ever so stylish Classic Collection. Choose your Glass Water bottle together with a stylish fashion sleeve. Featuring a solid silver water drop, sleeves are double lined with superior quality leatherette for a non slip grip, added insulation and impact protection. Designed to coordinate with your lifestyle. Hydration has never been so sexy.

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Description +

THE CLASSIC STORM water bottle sleeve is timeless and practical. Neither black nor white, this versatile shade has a steadying effect on colour, toning down brights while illuminating soft hues. A steadfast and most dependable, on the go companion.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND THE EARTH. Glass is a natural choice for a clean pure taste. Our eco friendly glass water bottles are made from superior quality durable borosilicate glass. Our TAKE-A-BREAK Guarantee ensures peace of mind with every purchase.

FILL FLIP SHAKE SIP: Fill from the bottom, sip from the top. The wide opening at the bottom allows you to effortlessly FILL and empty the bottle with ice and your favourite fruit infusions, no mess, no fuss. FLIP and SHAKE to drink from the small mouth for a no-spill SIP. Being open ended allows it to stay upright in the dishwasher for a spot free and sterile clean.

SMART, FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Elegant yet strong, our leak proof aluminium lids are BPA-free and resistant to stains and odours. The top lid features a strong integrated handle for your busy on the go lifestyle. No toxic products, pure,  functional, beautiful glass water bottles.

HOPE FOR THE EARTH: We believe that small changes on a daily basis can create a substantial impact. Refuse single use plastic and invest in the future today. For each bottle purchase we contribute to the to the Australian Marine Conservation Society who work tirelessly each day to protect our oceans and the incredible animals that call them home. Together we can do something beautiful.

CAUTION: When adding hot water, we recommend you do so using our quality double lined bottle sleeves - the glass will get very HOT. Avoid dropping or strong collision.

Features +

Superior Borosilicate Glass Bottle
600ml | 20oz
Height 247mm | 65mm wide
TAKE A BREAK Glass Replacement Guarantee*
Reusable. Recyclable
Clean taste. Hot and Cold Beverages
Curved to comfortably fit your hand
Slim line design fits most cup holders
2-in-1 open-ended glass bottle
Wide open mouth 50mm for easy filling
Narrow mouth 30mm, for drip free sipping
Sterile spotless dishwasher clean
Leak proof aluminium lids - Hand wash recommended
BPA free silicone seal with a stainless steel inner - no plastic touches your water.
Integrated carry handle


Solid silver waterdrop
Fashionable and functional
Looks and feels like real leather
Quality Leatherette with zip feature
UV Resistant
Added Insulation
Impact protection
Non-slip grip
Wipe clean

100% money back satisfaction guarantee! All our products are produced to the highest quality. We are so confident that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us unused and we will give you a full refund.

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We use 100% carbon offset services to deliver your package. You will receive a tracking number from us as soon as your parcel is on the way. 

A Drink Bottle For You

All our glass drink bottles are made from superior borosilicate glass which is completely free of BPA, lead and other toxins for safe and superior tasting water. The stainless-steel inner lid ensures your drink never contacts any plastic. Enjoy healthy hydration without harmful chemicals.

The elegant slimline design fits comfortably in your hand with the top lid featuring a practical integrated handle, perfect for your on the go lifestyle. Carry hot or cold liquids, whether you’re off to the gym, taking a road trip in the winter or strolling on the beach in the summer, the high quality protective sleeve provides added insulation and is water and UV resistant.

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