Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED

Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED - Liquidsands

Sterling Silver Bracelet INSPIRED


Whether as a gift for someone special or to keep for yourself, our sterling silver stretch bracelets are designed for daily inspiration. Buy them, stack them, live them, LOVE them. Each bracelet comes with a message on a bookmark.

LOVE is the master key that opens the gate of Happiness

Surround yourself with our pure LOVE ball bracelet. This little heart charm symbolises the Power of Love, wear with intention to remind yourself that Love is the answer to everything. To find love in all that you do, that you say and feel so you can attract an Abundance of Love to you.

Bookmark reads: LOVE PASSION SUCCESS | LOVE is the master key to open the gate of Happiness


Hope for a brighter future. Hope for the earth. Hope for a friend in need. We all need hope, when courage fails us or we simply feel lost, hope will always be there to give us strength. This gorgeous little sterling silver dove charm symbolises hope in all things, wear with intention to remind yourself to keep moving forward and look for all the opportunities that surround you and that anything you truly put your mind and heart to, is possible.


COURAGE is the magic that turns dreams to reality

Unleash the power within yourself with decisive action and a brave heart. Be brave in showing your love. Be boldly you, share your values, your purpose and your mission. Our unique sterling silver bull charm symbolises strength and courage, wear with intention as a reminder that you are to be wildly courageous in the pursuit of your own happiness. Let your boldness grasp every opportunity and take you somewhere you have never been before.

Bookmark reads: WILDLY COURAGEOUS | COURAGE is the magic that turns dreams to reality

DREAM big rise and shine on

Dare to dream big dreams, believe that you can do great things. Inspire yourself to keep going until you do. If you can imagine it, if you can feel it, if you just believe it. This sparkling little star charm symbolises your bright light, wear with intention to shine yours, dream bigger, believe in yourself with all your heart, face those fears and trust that your dreams are coming true.

Bookmark reads: BELIEVE DREAM INSPIRE | DREAM big rise and shine on

TOGETHER WE CAN DO SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: We believe that small changes on a daily basis can create a substantial impact. For each bracelet purchase we contribute to the to the Australian Marine Conservation Society who work tirelessly each day to protect our oceans and the incredible animals that call them home.

8cm stretch elastic Sterling Silver bracelet with a sterling silver charm.

Small silver balls 2mm

Large silver balls 4mm

All our bracelets are packaged on an inspiring bookmark keepsake.

100% money back satisfaction guarantee! All our products are produced to the highest quality. We are so confident that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us unused and we will give you a full refund.

We use 100% carbon offset services to deliver your package. You will receive a tracking number from us as soon as your parcel is on the way. 

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