How do I take care of my Liquidsands bottle? +
By taking care of your Liquidsands bottle you will ensure its longevity for many years to come. Liquidsands bottles and lids are designed to be durable and functionable.

Prior to first use you should thoroughly wash both your glass bottle and lids.

Unscrew both lids and place your glass bottle upright in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Hand rinsing your lids is recommended. These methods will ensure your bottle stays sterile and will further increase the lifespan.
My bottle has condensation +
If you live in a warm climate and fill with ice cold water you will receive some external condensation on the sleeve due to a natural heat exchange effect. Simply wipe your bottle down after a few minutes and the double insulated sleeve will keep your water cooler for longer. You should avoid using it for carbonated drinks and sparkling water as the pressure can build and it may leak.
Will my bottle break? +
Although borosilicate is a superior and toughened glass, all glass bottles will break if they are handled incorrectly. When using your bottle, it is best to hold onto it using our non-slip grip sleeve or use the carry handle on the top lid.
Can I freeze my bottle? +
Yes borosilicate glass can be frozen and will not crack. When freezing water in bottles be cautious of unscrewing the lid as it can freeze to the glass bottle so it is advised to run the lid under the tap before unscrewing.
Are there any toxic products used in the manufacture of my bottle? +
No, borosilicate glass is manufactured free of any lead and toxins. The glass has a high and low temperature variant and will not change its structure under those conditions.
Does any plastic come in contact with my water? +
No, Liquidsands bottles have been designed and manufactured so no plastic touches your water. The inside of the lid has a stainless-steel inner as well as a food grade silicone seal, the BPA free outer section does not come in contact with your water.
Is my bottle food safe? +
Yes Liquidsands bottles are food safe and can be used for milk, protein drinks, smoothies and your favourite fruit combinations. Note that storage of sauces may cause the silicone seal to stain.
Can I put my bottle in the microwave? +
No, Liquidsands bottles have aluminium lids and are not suitable for heating in microwave ovens.
What is the warranty on my bottle? +
Your Liquidsands bottle comes with a 90 day manufactures warranty, should any fault occur within this timeframe please contact us at hello@liquidsands.com.au so we can endeavour to rectify the fault. The warranty does not include general wear and tear from every day usage. Liquidsands will replace the faulty part only and not the complete bottle.